Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Write a Police Officer Resume

Police officer is a position responsible for preventing crime, catch lawbreakers and to maintain the orders in the city and state. It is the post responsible for protecting Police officers do duties in various areas like cities, towns and in structured divisions. Their aim is to keep the society free of crime and illegal acts.

However, there are various positions in this field like traffic police, Tibetan border police, special buro etc. The position like IndoTibetan Police Force is an Indian force securing the India's border with the Chinese Tibet Autonomous Region. The major role of this position includes

  1. detections and prevention of border violations, promoting the sense of security among the citizens
  2. providing security services to the VIP people and to sensitive installations
  3. checking illegal acts like illegal migration, business, trans border smuggling

As like other police officers, traffic police is also responsible for the tough job responsibilities. For this they need required physical strength to perform duties; able to drive vehicle in both emergency and non-emergency conditions; able to control arrested people physically using necessary and appropriate force; need to react calmly and quickly in emergency situations.

The responsibilities of the position includes enforcing state laws, traffic laws; arresting suspected violates, responding calls by people and to provide services, conducting investigations, explaining laws and policies to citizens; checking warrants etc.

Senior police officer is a very responsible position responsible for various job duties like supervising the work by other police officers, security officers. They handles assigned staff in the absence of assigned unit sergeant. They protect life and property by enforcing university, state and laws and regulations. They keep the main role in investigation the crimes and accidents of all types.  

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